LASER CLEAN – Fastest Response


San Diego Laser Clean is Southern California’s leader in Laser Metal Cleaning. Our unique laser cleaning service quickly removes rust, paint, and other coatings from metal, stone, brick, concrete, rubber, and plastic surfaces much more efficiently than sanding, sandblasting, or using harsh chemical treatments.

Laser cleaning is a relatively new technology with a significant number of commercial and industrial applications. San Diego Laser Clean uses a powerful laser to clean the substrate an average of 20x faster than with traditional methods like chemicals or media blasting. Our laser is adjustable down to as small as 5mm to get into the tightest areas. Laser cleaning does not leave any residue or hazardous waste materials.

Some Examples of our laser cleaning capabilities:

Metal Rust Removal

Paint/Coating Removal

Oil/Grease Removal

Tool/Die Mold Cleaning

Threaded Rod & Welded Joint Cleaning

Concrete/Block Cleaning